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Hydrographic Survey Company in Lucknow

We are one of the best hydrographic survey company in Lucknow, with more than 10 years of experience. Our experienced team specializes in surveying the features of underwater areas. To get a free quote, dial +91 7080928259.

Hydrographic Survey in Lucknow

Hydrographic survey is also known as underwater surveying. It is the science of study, analysing, and measuring the different features of an underwater area that can affect the marine activities such as marine construction, offshore drilling, dredging, etc. This process includes the study of the water depth, tide measurement, topographic features etc.

The most common and important type of hydrographic survey is known as the bathymetric survey, bathymetric originated from the Greek terms bathus which means deep, and metron means measurement. The information collected from hydrographic survey is need to bring up nautical charts that involves-

  • Depths
  • Breakwaters
  • Improved Channels
  • Piers
  • Navigation-harbor Facilities

This survey requires the important data collection relating to developments and construction of the port facilities, like pier construction. It helps to recognize the loss in capacity due to silt and other uncertainties.

Uses of Hydrographic Surveying

  • Depth Measurement
  • Shore lines Measurement
  • Navigation Chart Preparation
  • Sewer Fall
  • Locating mean sea level
  • Tide measurement
  • Stream and River Discharge Measurement
  • Planning Massive Structures like dams, harbors, bridges, etc.

To measure the features of an underwater area, various equipment are required. Sounding equipment, instruments for measuring angles, shore signals are the essential equipment that are used in the surveys.

Hydrographic survey in Lucknow