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Our Services

Topographical/Land Surveys

Manohar Enterprises is the best Land Survey Company in Lucknow. Topographical/contour surveys are required for a variety of reasons such as the development of a greenfield site, boundary surveys, planning applications, and urban projects also.

Land Surveying

There is a high degree of detail involved in this type of survey. All-natural features such as trees, earth mounds, watercourses, high/low points, etc, and man-made features such as roads, fences, paths, services etc. are surveyed using the latest technology available namely GPS and Robotic Total Stations. Using Reflectorless Total Stations survey detail such as ridge and eaves heights as well as building positions can be recorded on neighboring properties without requiring access. The data collected is downloaded to the processing software where all computations, terrain modeling to produce contours, and final editing are quickly carried out to produce the end product; a topographical map. Surveys are delivered to the client in digital format and/or hardcopy plots and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each individual client.

GPS Surveys

GPS Surveys have revolutionized the way surveyors carry out their work and are now the principal method of capturing survey information in the field. It allows large open tracts of land to be surveyed in a fraction of the time. Using GPS we at Control Surveys can carry out surveys of extensive areas quickly and efficiently and therefore pass on the cost-saving to the client.

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Volume calculation Area calculation Precise positioning Construction setting-out Dimensional control As-built records Site engineering survey
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Primary control networks Setting-out Static and real-time observation Survey control station Primary station mark (PSM)
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L-section survey of rivers / canals X-section survey of rivers / canals Volume computation for dragging and reclamation Environmental
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Contour survey Housing development As-built survey Sever / Water pipe line survey Drone survey