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Work Process


We work closely with our clients from project initiation through to the end. While projects differ on time frame and budget, the steps in the process tend to stay almost the same. Prior to project initiation, we work with our client to establish a budget that will reflect a cost effective approach for the project’s gals and objectives. Then, we coordinate all aspects of the project to ensure that the technical resources are allocated to the time line so that the project is on time and within budget.
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Topcon GTS-230N Total Station

The GTS - 230N Series stand up to any weather condition that occurs in the field, giving the great benefit of no experiencing down time. IP66, dust and waterproof, the GTS-230N Series assures durable performance in the field under all conditions as an “All Weather” Total Station. Bad weather is no longer an excuse for lost productivity. Total nos. of T.S. eight.
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DGPS Trimble 5700 RTK GNSS Receiver

Fully Integrated High-Performance GNSS System The Trimble - 5700 RTK is an advance GNSS receiver from TRIMBLE that delivers it all. Multi - frequency GPS+ Russian Based GLONASS satellite tracking capability. Long rang RTK positioning. Seamless Virtual Reference Station support. Total nos. of MASTER O2 and Rover 08 Nos.
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Sokkia B40 Precise Automatic Level

Sokkia B Series automatic levels feature enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions.
  • * Precise, Reliable Automatic Compensator
  • * Horizontal Angle Measurement
  • * Quick Collimation, Easy to Adjust
  • * Stadia lines on the reticle allow distance measurements
  • * Rapid, East Setup, Total nos. of Auto Level 10 nos.
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DRONE (UAV Mapping)

Mission Planning - Securing continuous mapping of occupied terrain. UAV with high accuracy. A new dimension in defense, security and battlefield management
Total no. of Drone 01 no.
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